Wake Up Feeling
EASE is the fastest, simplest and safest way to give your body healthy magnesium for a peaceful, painless night’s sleep.
Wake Up Feeling
EASE is the fastest, simplest and safest way to give your body healthy magnesium for a peaceful, painless night’s sleep. 
People With Sleeping Issues Report Great Results After Using EASE!
People With Sleeping Issues Report Great Results After Using EASE!
Introducing A First-of-its-Kind Spray
Helping over 50,000 People Sleep Better, Feel Less Pain & Relax Right Now
Magnesium Sourced From The Dead Sea
EASE is made with pharmaceutical grade magnesium sourced from the Dead Sea.
efficient delivery
EASE is the most effective magnesium delivery system containing the most readily absorbed form of magnesium.
 spray-on solution
EASE is sprayed onto the skin for immediate, non-invasive absorption without digestive upset or stomach cramps.
absorbs in 90 seconds
EASE goes to work in under 90 seconds, giving you powerful and fast relief from muscle/joint pain, stress and sleep issues. 
50+ health benefits
The EASE formula has over 50 health benefits and supports over 300 important functions in the human body. (12)
relIEves cramps
EASE helps to relieve muscle cramps and pain so you can get a complete night's sleep without any discomfort.

* Results not typical
We made this spray to make improving your health and nourishing your body with healthy magnesium simple, safe and fast. Right now we're offering up to 40% off our best-selling EASE (magnesium spray).
We made this spray to make improving your health and nourishing your body with healthy magnesium simple, safe and fast. Right now we're offering up to 20% off our best-selling EASE (magnesium spray).
How Does EASE Help
with Sleep?
Ease helps you sleep because it’s an effective way to give your body a natural supply of magnesium each day and night. Magnesium naturally activates neurotransmitters in your brain that reduce stress and relax muscles. Your body transitions into a deep state of calm, and you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

Magnesium in Ease optimizes sleep cycles by controlling the release of melatonin before and during sleep. (2)

This mineral aids neurotransmitters (GABBA receptors) that reduce unwanted nerve movement during the night. (10)

Powerful magnesium even helps suppress hormone and mood disorders like stress and sadness that inhibit quality sleep. (13)
Our need for magnesium has never been so great...
Other benefits of magnesium supplementation
EASE does way more for your health than just improve your sleep – The mineral inside each spray bottle also helps ...
RELIEVES joint & muscle pain
90 seconds and your pain disappears. Magnesium is one of 18 minerals that play a major role in your joint and muscle health. How does it soothe stiff painful joints and muscles? That’s thanks to its ability to reduce swelling and boost your natural healing timeline. (16,17)
REDUCES stiffness
Magnesium is responsible for keeping your muscles and joints limber and flexible. Magnesium fights lactic acid build-up, which causes your muscles to become tight and sore. It also fights calcium build-up, which causes joints to become stiff and immobile. (16)
lowers stress levels
Magnesium has a calming effect on the mind and body. Studies show it’s an effective natural remedy that you can use to reduce feelings of stress quickly. Working with your nervous system, this mineral (that each bottle of Ease supplies you with) lowers stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. On the flip side, magnesium deficiency (not getting enough of this mineral) is linked to spikes in these hormones.  (1) 
Boosts your inner health
Magnesium balances the calcium you get from food and water. Magnesium and calcium need to be balanced. If they’re not, your body moves into a state of over calcification. Over calcification lurks behind a lot of unnecessary health problems. (21)
Within seconds the pain disappeared.
"Just want to say that the Magnesium is amazing. I had sciatic pain for months and when I sprayed it on my hip, within seconds it disappeared… couldn’t believe it and then! Boom, it disappeared all together and I have no pain ever and still almost the entire bottle left. Thanks so much Ian, you’ve done it again."
Norma F
helpful for leg cramps
I love EASE. It has been very helpful with night time leg/toe cramps. I love it so much I have been giving away half bottles to friends who seem to have symptoms that would benefit from it like cramping, restless legs, and even pain from sore muscles or broken or sprained joints/bones. Even folks who need to relax a bit to get to sleep at night benefit from spraying EASE on after a shower before going to bed at night.
This product saved my life. I was in a lot pain everywhere…. I don’t know what I was do without it!
Patrick K
I admit I was skeptic. But Ease is a miracle in a bottle. It helps right away. No more pacing nighttime the floors for me.
One spray does the trick
I have to tell you how it has helped me. […] it takes the pain almost completely away. I get terrible toe cramps and one spray does the trick. I have helped a lot of people in my community of West Harrison, NY. I wish it was sold in the VitaminShop. Thank you for having this.
i am pleased with ease
I have ordered and I am big fan of magnesium. This gets absorbed thru skin. Especially good after bath, before bed. Then put on eye mask. Instead of waking up 2-3 am I am now able most nights to sleep to early mornings hours. It is still my habit to wake early. But I am pleased with this product.
Marilyn F
EASE has worked better than OTHER treatments
I’ve had a neck & back pain problem for over a year now and it probably took many years to get to the level it’s at now. Over the last year I went to numerous doctors, had MRIs, tried chiropractic treatments, yoga, Rolfing, massage, medicine, vitamin supplements & other treatments. I even tried other magnesium products before EASE. By far EASE has worked better than all the above mentioned treatments. A friend told me about magnesium and through researching the internet I ran across [EASE] Magnesium. I’m so grateful that I discovered Magnesium & it’s made the quality of my life so much better.
better than the ancient sea brine magnesium oil
This is so much better than the ancient sea brine type of magnesium oil I tried first. It does not sting or burn like the other, and I use it on my face where I have oily spots prone to breakouts. It neutralizes the oil but at the same time doesn’t make my skin feel dry. I use it morning and night, about 12 spritzes all over my body and lightly massaged in. I can’t take much magnesium by mouth because of digestive issues, so I really appreciate this form of magnesium. As a bonus, it clears up bug bites and skin abrasions very quickly. Well worth the cost, and I always appreciate free shipping
* Results not typical
Even More Reasons why Customers choose Ease
  • 100% all natural magnesium solution sourced from the Dead Sea
  • Magnesium is nature’s deep sleep mineral
  • Relaxes muscles, de-stresses your brain and helps you sleep better (3,10)
  • ​Safe for children, adults and even pets
  • ​Over 152,000 bottles already shipped to people around the world
Why is EASE Better than Other Forms of Magnesium?
Simple Ingredients
EASE is a natural solution of pure water and magnesium chloride hexahydrate — sourced from the Dead Sea — known as iMCH. There are no synthetic additives or preservatives like those you’d find in most rock-derived magnesium formulations.
Safer Absorption
Magnesium supplements and powders are extremely taxing on your digestive system. You can cause serious damage by ingesting magnesium in large quantities. You risk diarrhoea and even kidney problems taking magnesium this way. Unlike oral Magnesium (capsules and powders) or injections (needles) you can’t overdose on transdermal skin magnesium application because your skin only takes in what your body needs.
Better Absorption Than SUPPLEMENTS/Powders
Your skin absorbs magnesium better than your stomach. A growing body of research shows that magnesium sprays applied to your skin work far better than oral supplements. EASE is a safe, side effect-free way to get more magnesium daily and fight things like bad sleep, stress and stiffness. It’s a 100% pure product that contains only 2 ingredients.
Magnesium From The Dead Sea
This is the same magnesium you’ll find in the Dead Sea and it has been on Earth since its creation. It is 100% natural, purified and healthy. The Dead Sea is visited daily by people around the world wanting to soak in its concentrated, mystical (some would even say sacred), magnesium-filled water.

The magnesium in EASE is the same you’ll find in that special body of water, except for one IMPORTANT difference — the magnesium we use has gone through extensive purification processes. It’s completely free of all pollutants, heavy metals, toxins and even other minerals. The raw magnesium we use is so pure it qualifies as ‘pharmaceutical grade’ magnesium.
Spray EASE On After a Shower, before bed or any time you’re feeling stiff, sore or stressed
Your skin soaks it up within 90 seconds and the magnesium does the rest.
Remember, the powerful magnesium in EASE quickly helps your body escape the discomfort of:
  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle Aches
  • Cramping
  • Stiffness
  • Stress
  • Restlessness
...All within seconds
And it does it all naturally using the mineral that nature has made available to our bodies for these problems.

Most importantly, spraying your body with EASE just a few times a day will help restore your body’s magnesium levels (the root cause of many health problems). Seriously, I encourage you to type “health benefits of magnesium” into your search engine. The studies and lists you’ll find are staggering.

Your body really does rely on this mineral for so many functions and if you are experiencing bad sleep, stress or discomfort night after night, chances are you are not getting enough of this master mineral! 
This is the reason EASE is so popular.
magnesium from the
Dead sea
For children, adults
and pets
Bottles already
  • Magnesium improves your sleep and encourages a sense of relaxation and calm (2)
  • Magnesium helps cramps disappear, muscles relax and joint pain fade (14)
  • Within 90 seconds it goes to work where you need it most
Spray EASE on before bed for a great sleep
Within a few moments of EASE
hitting your skin, your body will
start responding positively.
Thousands of people have already
uncovered this easy way to
sleep better… have you?
Thousands of people have already
uncovered this easy way to sleep better... Have You?
This is by far one of the easiest ways to naturally restore your bodies mineral balance with a specialized form of soothing magnesium that your body loves!

The magnesium found in this unique spray provides your body with over 50 health benefits and has more magnesium than you’ll be able to get from nearly any food on the planet!

We have shipped over 152,368 bottles of this sleep spray to happy customers and changed their sleep for the better!

If you want a bottle and the chance to experience this special magnesium spray, then right now is the time to act.
Experience the miracle of
EASE magnesium for yourself!
Experience the miracle of EASE magnesium for yourself!
Celebrated and used around the world for sleep, stress, and pain! (2,17,1)
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